Стажировка в США в сфере гостиничного бизнеса

Пошук та пропозиції роботи по Херсону/області. Вільне розміщення та обговорення оголошень про роботу. Пошук бізнес-партнерів
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Стажировка в США в сфере гостиничного бизнеса

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at Kalahari (Sandusky)
Kalahari Resort of Sandusky, OH has requested international applicants for 2009 to assist them as interns and trainees. Below is an outline of the experience the applicants can expect.
Program Contents
Visa Preparation: Applicants will prepare the documents needed for the acquisition of J-1 visa.
Insurance: Health insurance will be included as part of the program.
Transportation to and from Airport: Sponsor will assist with information, but transportation is the
responsibility of the applicant.
Transportation to and from site: Sponsor will assist with information, but transportation is the responsibility of the applicant.
Housing: Sponsor will assist with information, but housing is the responsibility of the applicant. The
cost of sharing accomodation is $150 – 250 per month.
Employment Information
Number of Positions Available: 80 Length: 12 months.
Employment Dates: Positions will be available from Oct 1. 2009 through Oct 1.2010 It is understood that the start date and end date may be a bit later.
Pay Rate: $7,50 per hour (less State and Federal taxes and any other required deductions). Overtime will be 1.5 times the regular pay rate.
Number of Hours per Week: 32. (Overtime may be available during busy periods. Overtime pay is for over 40 hours during a 7 day week).
Schedule: Participants will be having different shifts. Many shifts will be approximately 8 hours. Shifts and schedules may change during the course of the program.
Web Site: For more information, please visit the site at http://svvrw.kalahariresorts.com/oh'
Uniforms: Uniforms are provided to the participants. Cost of the uniforms will be deducted from participant's payroll check. These uniforms are to be worn at the training site only. Detailed information will be provided along with this description.
About the company: Kalahari Resorts have changed the nature of vacations by delivering an exiting new type of destination. The authentically African-themed Kalahari Resorts combine the convenience of an "under-one-roof" vacations with America's largest indoor and outdoor waterparks and the luxury of all the amenities travelers expect from an upscale resort.
Positions and possible duties
J-l interns/trainees must speak advanced English and know how to swim well as they will be required to pass a lifeguardian certification, (that may include swimming eight laps in a 25 meter pool and picking up a 3 kilo weight in 2 meters of water) when rotating in Recreation. There may be other positions available but the decision to offer these positions will be completely decided bythe host company.
available positions at $7.50 per hour Rooms division
available positions at $7.50 per hour Food & Beverage
available positions at $7.50 per hour Customer Service

Подача резюме на сайте http://www.simplex.dp.ua/rus/pages/trai ... conditions
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