[Одесса] Продам стильный, мужские часы joshua&sons

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[Одесса] Продам стильный, мужские часы joshua&sons

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Продам новые, стильные, мужские часы joshua&sons, присланные из штатов! оригинал,
цена 320 у.е. возможен небольшой торг, местонахождение - Одесса, по всем вопросам писать pako10012@mail.ru аська 285880411

original brand name: joshua&sons
product type: watch
feature: dual time
functions: day date
model: js-29-02
movement: quartz

Watch Bracelet

material: leather
color: black
max length: 9.0 inch
min length: 7 inch

Watch Case

height: 11mm
total item length: 49mm
material: stainless steel
color: two tone
width: 50mm

Other Information

gender: gentlemens

About The Brand:

Two connoisseurs of the watch industry have united their knowledge and created a line of watches that will appeal to watch aficionados. The aim was to create a brand with the appeal of high-end watches which are priced competitively. Joshua & Sons invites you to delight in its brand new collection of timepieces, a collection that is emboldened by classic lines and vigorous colors; timepieces created to enliven time itself. Join them on their journey as they explore time and its boundaries, and as they attempt to enrich the horological world with understated exuberance. Joshua & Sons…the brand to appeal to everybody!
01230908_gold_1.jpg (75.27 Кіб) Переглянуто 3514 разів
01230908_gold_2.jpg (43.28 Кіб) Переглянуто 3514 разів
01230908_gold_3.jpg (34.74 Кіб) Переглянуто 3514 разів
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